Testimonies of Channel Islander victims of Nazi Persecution
Dr Gilly Carr, University of Cambridge

Frank Falla’s briefcase containing both his correspondence with the British Foreign Office in his quest to get compensation for islanders, and his correspondence with other former political prisoners in the Channel Islands.

This project aims to highlight the experience of British victims of Nazi persecution from the Channel Islands, the only part of the British Isles occupied during WWII. Over 200 islanders were sent to Nazi prisons and concentration camps on the continent for resistance-related crimes, where many were forced into labour for the Third Reich, and where a total of 28 died. 

Around 100 islanders submitted compensation claims in the mid-1960s, and it is the testimonies associated with these claims that are the core subject of this project. This project aims to put these testimonies and other associated archival documents online, along with biographies of those deported and profiles of the prisons to which they were sent. In so doing, the project aims to document the experience of Channel Islanders in Nazi prisons and camps.

Recently erected Resistance Memorial in Guernsey, created after petitioning by project author, Gilly Carr. This represents the first memorial in this Channel Island ever to be erected to remember those who died in Nazi prisons and camps. The narrative of victims of Nazism has been marginalised since 1945.

The project website is named after Guernseyman Frank Falla, former prisoner and survivor of Frankfurt and Naumburg prisons. Falla, a journalist, was deported for his role in an underground newsletter. In the mid-1960s, Falla helped his fellow former political prisoners in the Channel Islands get compensation for their suffering in Nazi prisons and camps. It is thanks to him that the testimonies were written and that Channel Islanders got compensation.

Link to website: www.frankfallaarchive.org (under construction; launch Autumn 2017)

Website home page. This shows an image of Frank Falla and, beneath, a searchable interactive map of the Channel Islands and Europe; a searchable list of deported islanders; and a searchable list of over 100 Nazi prisons and camps to which islanders were deported.










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