Another suggestion for a study visit for the participants of the International Forum may be the locations in Wroclaw associated with the remembrance of forced laborers. The participants will be guided around by Jerzy Podlak, a former WW II forced laborer and a pioneer of the post-war Wrocław. Jerzy Podlak is currently the Vice Chairman of the Board of the “Club of the People with the P sign” – the only club in Poland of former forced laborers employed in the Third Reich. The club operates as the historical division within the Wroclaw Lovers Association.

Jerzy Podlak will show the interested participants the traces of forced labor in Wroclaw. This is a unique opportunity for a personal encounter with an eyewitness of the events taking place during World War II in Wrocław.

Monument to the victims of the construction of a the besieged City of Wrocław in April 1945, Wrocław, 2017. Photo: © Krzysztof Ruchniewicz
Commemoration of forced labour in the urban space of Wroclaw