“Polish prisoners of the Katzbach subcamp in the Adler Manufacturing Plant. A German-Polish publication and plenary discussions in Warsaw and in Frankfurt on Main”

KARTA is an independent non-governmental organization. It conducts archive research and educational and publishing projects. It discovers, protects and popularizes history seen from the perspective of many individuals. It does this in such a way that history becomes a source of understanding; it builds a sense of community and supports reconciliation.

The cover of the German edition of the publication

As part of this project, the lives of the Warsaw insurgents who reached Frankfurt on Main have been documented. A subcamp called “Katzbach” functioned there under the charge of the SS and the Adler Manufacturing Plant in 1944–45; it was a branch of the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp and it produced armed transporters. Based on the decision of the SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler, since July 1944 it was also a camp for Polish insurgents and civilians taken hostage during the Warsaw Uprising. They worked there in inhuman, abominable conditions. From over 1600 prisoners, only a few dozen survived. Their experience remains unknown both in Germany and in Poland.

A Polish and German publication: Katzbach – the Phantom Camp: Polish Insurgents in the Adler Manufacturing Plant in Frankfurt on Main in 1944–45 has been prepared based on recorded testimonies from the last living prisoners of the camp, as well as documents and photographs. Moreover, Polish-German dialogue was undertaken during meetings in Poland and Germany, concerning the memory of the camp and its memorilisation. The publication is available for free as an e-book from www.ksiegarnia.karta.org.pl and in paper form at the KARTA Center in Warsaw.

The prisoners of the Katzbach camp at work. Graphic by prisoner Zygmunt Świstak



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