Remembering or forgetting the Nazi forced labour— an international comparison

28.09 | 14:00 – 15:30 | WBZ, room 43 (Strażnicza 1-3)


Dr. Piotr Przybyła

German Language and Literature Studies (M.A.) at the University of Opole and the Freie Universität Berlin; PhD student at the Willy Brandt Center and participant in the international PhD programme „Promotionskolleg Ost-West”, Ruhr Universität Bochum; PhD degree in history at the University of Wrocław (2012, PhD thesis: Myth of the ‘Recovered Territories’ in post-war Poland, supervisor: prof. Marek Zybura). Research grants/fellowships from the DAAD, KAAD, Stiftung Mercator and Volkswagen-Stiftung. Since 2014 research assistant at the Chair of German Studies, Willy Brandt Center for German and European Studies, University of Wrocław.


Dr. Alfons Adam: “Strangers in Bohemia: Remembering Nazi-Forced Labour on a European Scale”

Sarp Balci: “Forced Labour in Turkey during World War II: Potentialities of Agonistic Memory, Capital Levy-Varlik Vergisi- and the Aşkale Camp”

Dr. Lars Breuer: “On the (Non)-Memory of Forced Labour during National Socialism”

Marta Simó: “The Unknown Forced Labour Spaniards during World War II”

Panel 3