Forms of presentation—graphic novel, internet, WebDocu, Geo-Cache, exhibition, pamphlet, historical commemorative place

28.09 | 16:00 – 17:30 | WBZ, room 13 (Strażnicza 1-3)


Martin Bock

Senior Project Manager of the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future.




Dr. Joanna Hytrek-Hryciuk: “Polish Forced Labourers in Breslau (1939–1945): Perspective of Present and Memorializing Based on New Media”

Katarzyna Siwerska and Marcin Różyc: “Helena Bohle-Szacka ‘Bridges/Die Brucken’”

Dr. Nikita Lomakin: “International Memorial: Digitalization and Publishing of Ostarbeiter Archive”

Marie Janoušková: “Stories of the 20th Century”

Katalin Ambrus: “The Sand Mine”

Panel 6