Miscellaneous topics

29.09 | 10:45 – 12:15 | WBZ, room 13 (Strażnicza 1-3)


Prof. Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski

professor of political science, PhD. in political science, graduated from the Potsdam University, visiting professor at the Harvard University, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Institut d’études politiques in Lille and the Pondicherry University. His research interests include theories of nationalism, legitimacy of the European Union, power in international relations. Aficionado of French crime comics.


Grzegorz Pisarski: “Bielawska Branch of Concentration Camp in Rogoźnica in Lower Silesia”

Dr. Andrea Genest: “Forced Labour at Siemens in Ravensbrück: An Approach through Remains”

Dr. Bernhard Bremberger: “Forced Labourers in “Heilanstalt Pfafferode” 1944/45”

Dr. Gilly Carr: “The Last Untold Story of the German Occupation of the Channel Islands: Deportation and Forced Labour in European Prisons, Labour and Concentration Camps”

Panel 9