Post Bellum is a non-governmental non-profit organisation which documents the memories of witnesses of the important historical phenomena of the 20th century and which tries to pass these stories on to the wider public. It was founded in 2001.

Today, the Post Bellum collection counts hundreds of witnesses’ testimonies, and is accessible in the Memory of Nations database. We are interested in the memories of WWII war veterans, Holocaust survivors, people from the local resistance movement, political prisoners of the communist regime, representatives of the dissent, present-day war veterans etc.


This collection serves as the basis for a series of radio documentaries Stories of the 20th Century, which are broadcast weekly by the Czech radio.

Stories of the 20th Century: Forced Labour in National Socialism

The project focuses on the experiences of forced labourers during the National Socialist era in Germany. The output of the project includes a new graphic novel based on the interviews with witnesses to forced labour, a workshop for Czech and German students, new locations on the Memory of Nations mobile app, and an organized trip to Dresden, during which students can see the locations where these stories took place.


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