Zuza Golińska, “Boutique”, installation. Photo: Krzysztof Wojciech Wróbel

HELENA BOHLE-SZACKI. BRIDGES/DIE BRÜCKEN is a multifaceted artistic and historical project, centred around the figure of Helena Bohle-Szacki – Pole, Jew, German, prisoner of Ravensbrück and Helmbrechts camps, artist, fashion designer, activist and a witness of the Nazi terror. It is a story consisting of many voices, co-created by artists, historians, journalists, actresses… by people who interpret her story based on memories, documents and art. The analysis of Bohle-Szacki’s archives allowed us to create an exhibition entitled MOSTY/DIE BRÜCKEN and publish a book entitled LILKA

The project puts great emphasis on the unspoken and the inexpressible. The difference between historical fact and artistic metaphor is blurred. Stutters and hesitations became as important as clear and loud utterances.

Zuza Golińska, “Boutique”, installation. Photo: Krzysztof Wojciech Wróbel

Images of history are perspectives facing towards the future, but determined by the present. The historian Peter Oliver Loew points out that every image of history is created by certain individuals and communities. Images of the past are often part of the historical culture, which pertains to the existence of the past in the present. Culture asks questions pertaining to how this past can permeat the present at akk, and how it later becomes historicized in order for the present to become more credible and directed towards the future. During the exhibition, historization and authentication were carried out by contemporary artists: Zuza Golińska, Daria Malicka, Janusz Noniewicz, Dominika Raczkowska Dagmara Rosa, and Paweł Matyszewski. The documenting and substantiating objects were distorted and complemented by contemporary art.

Daria Malicka, “Fragments”, installation. Photo: Barbara Kubska

Sleńdziński Gallery

The Gallery’s principal pursuit is to promote and provide access to the artistic legacy of the famous Sleńdziński family, documenting the culture of Kresy, as well as presenting the accomplishments of local artistic circles. We do this by purchasing, preserving and conserving works of art, as well as conducting research and organizing exhibitions and cultural, educational, and dissemination initiatives.

There are two main sections within the Gallery: the first one is concerned with the collection of art, archives, and regional research; the second one – with exhibitions, publications, and promotion.


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